The Rugby Camp;

For great fun, a camp full of skill and teamwork development!


About the rugby camp:

- To supply a first class rugby camps to young players. 

- Our Rugby coaching team are genuine and passionate rugby enthusiasts.

- We aim to provide a coaching camp to cover all essential aspects of the game.


Robin Charles Coaching - At The Rugby Camp we coach new and improve existing rugby skills in an informative, stimulating, safe and fun environment. The Rugby Coaching Camps are for keen rugby boys and girls between the ages of 7 - 14 years. 



The Rugby Coaching Team;


Our coaching team is selected from a mix current rugby players, qualified coaches and emerging rugby stars from local clubs. Our coaches will demonstrate, instruct and encourage the development of core rugby skills up close and personally to each kid attending.


Skill Coaching and Drill Training content includes;

- Safe and effective tackle technique


- Perfect ball presentation


- Power running technique and tackle busting tips


- Safe and effective body position when taking ball into contact


- Kicking coaching, including punting, drop kicking, place kicking, chip kicking, grubber kicking, kicking bombs and box kicking


- Fielding and catching techniques from all types of kicks


- Passing including correct spiral passing technique and drill from your left and right hand, passing from the ground, reverse passing and dive passing


- Catch and pass technique for quick accurate hands and ball transfer


- Lineout throwing technique and drill


- Evasive running – side stepping, swerving and change of pace drill to beat and offset opposition tacklers


- Support play and backing up


- Draw and pass skill drills and coaching how to manipulate opposition defenders to set your team mate up


- Defensive tips


- Rugby specific agility, speed, power, flexibility, balance, coordination and strength building exercises


- Skill challenges, games and plenty of tips.



What to bring;


- Rugby Boots


- Running Shoes.Don't forget these as some drill will be done on a hard surface.


- Lunch, snacks, water and water bottle


- Mouthguard.Even though our Premier Sports Coaching Rugby Camps are designed to be skill orientated, collisions happen in contact sessions so we recommend mouthguards are worn at all times during coaching clinics.


- Warm clothes.  We suggest each child brings a training top, shorts and 2 x pair of rugby socks the 2nd pair just in case it's a wet day and your kid needs to change their socks, - no one likes damp feet. A tracksuit top and bottom or a wet weather training shell. 


- Towel, just in case it is wet and it is needed to dry off your kid in between coaching sessions. 


- A great attitudeto give the rugby skills, drills and challenges a full blast during the day!